CQA Postcard Challenge 2020

CQA Challenge Guidelines


The CQA Challenge guidelines can be found on the CQA website. https://canadianquilter.com/quilted-postcard-challenge-2020/


Canada’s natural bounty is a source of inspiration for quilters from coast to coast. Participants are invited to celebrate their regional uniqueness and beauty in a postcard. Enjoy the adventure!

The tree postcard above is a block left over from a quilt Bonnie is making (Cabins In The Pines). It is the perfect size for a postcard! It isn't finished yet but will be an easy finish. If you're stumped for ideas, have a look in your orphan block pile.

Learn To Make Postcards


Sandra Hamilton has posted instructions for making postcards on her blog. If you have questions or want a little more help, get in touch with her. 


Bonnie's tip: The picture here is a file folder that has a 4"x6" cutout so I can see what my postcard will look like. This is really helpful when I am doing an applique or pieced design, so I can place all the elements in the right places.

Have a tip to share? Get in touch with Bonnie to share it here.

Let's See Your Postcards!


We'd love to display some of the postcards our members are working on. If you have photos of some of your postcards, send them to Bonnie. She will add them to this page. 

The photo above is a postcard Bonnie worked on at the last UFO. She was practicing a curved piecing technique learned from Ana Buzzalino. It is still in process...may need to go to another UFO weekend!

Want to learn a new techique? A postcard is a perfect way to practice without "sacrificing" a large piece of fabric!