Board & Committee Members

Board Members

President: Lorna Themelis

Vice-President: Donna Towndrow

Treasurer: Carol LaRose

Secretary: Jeannette Loiselle

Program: Christine Wiggett

Past President: Jodi Sutherland-Schmidt

Committee Members

UFO: Christine Wiggett

MEMBERSHIP: Lisa Polgar, Judy Thompson, Jodi Sutherland, Corinne Sutherland

DOOR PRIZE: Marilyn Rayner, Carole Martens

LIBRARY: Karyn Wight, Peg Moir

SHOW & TELL: Carolyn Clark, Elaine Wallbank

CHARITY: Joy Hanson

RETREAT: Barb Few, Tara Stratton

HOSPITALITY: Barb Few, Tara Stratton

WEBMASTER: Bonnie Taylor-Wachowicz

ACCSC: Sally MacArthur

NEWSLETTER: Corinne Sutherland, Jodi Sutherland

FACEBOOK: Donna Towndrow

AUDITOR: Kelly Green


Open Positions

QUILT SHOW: This position heads up the planning of the next quilt show. If you are organized and you're able to delegate and follow up with your committee members, please get in touch with Lorna Themelis to volunteer for this position. Our next Quilt Show will be in 2020, and will be happening the same year that Quilt Canada is in Edmonton!